Legal Basement Renovation

Performing basement renovations in Toronto for over 7 years, we know how difficult it is to choose a construction crew and trust it to finish your favorite basement. All legal basement renovations are necessary for every homeowner.
That is why before signing a contract for FREE we offer:
  • Tour to any of the objects - get acquainted with the masters and the renovation of basements
  • Consultation of the designer in the office or at your property
  • Preliminary estimate renovation of your basement

Legal Basement Renovation

Why is legal basement renovation necessary?

See with your own eyes what we name high-quality basement renovation. We can do many things, but it's important to make sure before you start that this is exactly what you want.
Not every company has a large portfolio of completed projects, assess the quality of our work, read real customer feedback!
Make the decision to work with us WITHOUT material costs, but with a full understanding of it!

Legal Basement Renovation

Basement Renovation in Toronto and GTA

We offer basement services in Toronto and all the GTA. We recommend our partners which offer basement renovations in Bradford and Greater Toronto Area.

  • Guarantee
We are responsible for quality! Warranty 2 to 5 years for all types of work.
  • Contract
We work officially. We stipulate terms, volumes, price, responsibility and warranty.
  • Compliance with deadlines.
Ready to pay penalties 0.01% of the amount for every day of delay under the contract.
  • Fixed price
The amount in the contract may vary from the final price by no more than 10%.
  • Gifts

Acceptance of the basement at the builder or 1-year insurance

  • Discounts

We cut the cost of the estimate by 10% when ordering a renovation and finish the basement "basement" in a new building.

  • Stage-by-stage payment
All stages of work shall be formalized acts and paid AFTER they are signed.
  • Installation
Can be arranged through a bank or at the expense of company resources.

Our Advantages

  1. Best Prices
  2. All the GTA
  3. High Quality
  4. Best Renovation Team
  5. 24/7 Service

How Much Will Basement Renovation Cost?

In our company, you can order the renovation of any type and complexity. Leave a request and our specialist will contact you shortly. The cost of basement finishing will depend on the type of renovation you choose, the complexity of the layout, the area of the premises.

Superficial Basement Renovation

The most budgetary and fastest renovation of a basement, assumes updating of finish with inexpensive materials without replacement of communications and changes in the layout:
  1. Dismantling of the existing finish
  2. Partial leveling of surfaces
  3. Putty walls, painting, wallpapering
  4. Replacement of flooring

Standard Basement Renovation

It's inexpensive basement renovation, the purpose - to improve the quality of housing without the global reconstruction, includes:
  1. Dismantling of the existing finish
  2. Installation (replacement) of utilities (electrical, plumbing)
  3. Installation of partition walls and ceilings from gypsum board
  4. Installation of suspended ceilings
  5. Facing with ceramic tiles in the bathroom
  6. Smoothing the floor, walls, ceiling
  7. Puttying, painting, wallpapering - finishing with inexpensive materials
  8. Flooring replacement, installation of linoleum, laminate, plinth installation
  9. As a rule, without a design project.

Basement Design

It's a renovation with an agreed design project, complicated solutions, more expensive finishes, and materials of high quality:
  1. Dismantling of existing finishes, selection of high-quality materials
  2. Redevelopment, installation of air conditioning, modernization of the heating system, installation of "warm floor".
  3. Distribution of electric wiring, plumbing, and heating pipes
  4. Facing the walls and floors in the bathroom and toilet with tiles / ceramic granite/mosaic;
  5. Installation of partitions, arches, niches, and multi-level ceilings of plasterboard with lighting
  6. Installation of suspended ceilings
  7. Plastering the walls on the beams, leveling the floor, walls, ceiling "to zero" 8.
  8. Plastering, finishing with original materials - decorative plaster, multi-component painting, tile-laying
  9. Floor plastering, laying the parquet flooring, laminate
  10. System "Smart House" connection
  11. Design selection of furniture and interior details
  12. Installation of door units
  13. Cabinet furniture assembly and installation, the connection of household appliances
  14. Lighting fixtures installation (lamps, chandeliers, LED strips) 15.
  15. Wet cleaning after renovations.
Elite - an exclusive version of renovation with premium design-project - includes designer supervision, use of the most expensive materials and techniques (Venetian plaster with imitation of marble and malachite finish, piece parquet, stained glass, stucco, forging, innovative technology heating, lighting, ventilation). The most expensive in price basement renovation basement in Toronto.

Complex Basement Renovation

It's a whole list of works, interconnected in time and content of a single plan and control of the work of the contractor at all stages. The advantages - the use of materials and types of finish with the whole technological cycle; optimal planning time for the renovation of the basement as a whole, which significantly reduces its duration.

Only basement renovation

It defines not only the content of work but also the maximum freedom of the customer from participating in the renovation of the project until the delivery of the keys, the object is delivered completely ready for use.
Not only the scope but also the types of work can vary significantly depending on what the object is to be renovated - a ten-bedroom cottage or studio basement. Also of importance are the initial state of the premises, the need for redevelopment and its legalization, as well as many other points.
Rely not on articles about finishing basements on the Internet, but on the real estimates, which we will provide completely free of charge. Call us and make an appointment for an estimate right now! Make sure that the best prices for the renovation of basements in Toronto!

How Long to Renovate a Basement

Basement (from 35 to 50 sq ft) - 45 - 60 days
Basement (from 50 to 70 sq ft) - 60 - 75 days

Basement (from 70 to 110 sq ft) - 75 to 90 days

Basement (from 120 sq ft) - from 100 days
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