About Us

About Us

As a leading company in home renovations, Express Home Renovation have a team of specialists. Experts in different fields (construction, architecture, carpentry), because we understand that specialization is the only way to offer the best service. It's the only way to offer you modifications, updates or conversions to suit your needs.

When we take on any renovation project, the first thing we do is determine what improvements need to be made to the space. Whether it's changing a specific part of your home: the kitchen, the bathroom; or simply with the goal of improving or enhancing the distribution of space to update your home and offer you the best equipment for your comfort and convenience.

We perform complete renovations of all types, both interior and exterior, in homes or commercial spaces. We carry out kitchen, bathroom and living room renovations, painting and carpentry work, electrical and plumbing installations, air conditioning, facade restoration, office and corporate renovations in general.

Our specialization in renovation has allowed us to work on projects all over the country. Request a free estimate from us on your home or condo renovations, as well as individual rooms.

Our company's goal is to offer you the best service, that is, the best renovation, at the fairest price. To do this, we analyze in detail the entire space of your home, apartment, cottage, office or business in order to create the space of your dreams.

Our renovation company employs the best professionals: architects, interior designers, decorators to make your room renovation a success. We adapt to your needs: we analyze your property, house or apartment and propose improvements that best suit your needs.

We strive to improve the space to make the most of even the smallest corner. Our professionals are experts at fixing, improving and renovating commercial and residential spaces.

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