Carpentry: Wainscoting, Crown Moulding, Baseboard, Trim Carpentry

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We can help with the design, building, and installation of a wide variety of custom carpentry projects; from adding crown moulding to building custom bookcases, our skilled craftsmen are capable of taking care of all your home repairs and improvement needs.



Wainscoting is a lower-wall treatment - its mixture of wall panelling, baseboard, moulding and chair rail that adds a more classic or upscale look to any hallway or room, at a minimal cost. Plain walls are divided, and in some cases a surface can be added to hold pictures and keepsakes. Wainscoting is similar to beadboard panelling and crown moulding installation, and this process can greatly transform any room.

Crown Molding Installation

When it comes to trim and finished carpentry, crown is the ultimate. It lords high over baseboards, casings and chair rails, and provides a visually impressive profile with elegant curves and distinguished angles. Please contact us today for all your moulding installation needs. We have the expertise to handle all your moulding installation requirements.


Baseboards are an essential finishing touch to any room; they cover the joints between the floor and the walls. We can very easily remove your old baseboards, then cut and install new ones.

Trim Carpentry

Trim carpentry is what adds the final finishing touches to a project and ties a project together: it’s a way of covering up any imperfections in other work that’s been completed. Your room will really come to life when it’s been properly trimmed out. Trim mouldings are available in Pine, Oak, and a large inventory of MDF at very cheap prices.

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