Drywall: Installation, Taping, Sanding, Primer

ExpressHomeRenovation-Drywall-installation-taping-sending-primerDrywall: Installation, Taping, Sanding, Primer

It’s never been an easy task to fix holes in drywall. It’s true that it’s a messy and dusty process. Our professionals use the most up-to-date equipment to catch the dust and keep your property clean and tidy. Patching drywall is an important maintenance aspect of maintaining your home at its highest-possible value. Express Home Renovation is qualified to handle all drywall repair issues, in addition to other home improvements required to preserve the value of your home.

Perhaps the damage to your home has been caused by cracks from settling, water damage, or simply problems from general wear and tear: you can be assured that our drywall professionals have seen it all. We can complete all your drywall installation and repair problems. Our repair service focuses on fixing the holes and cracks in your home, while our drywall finishing services put the final touches to your latest remodelling project. Our highly experienced painting and drywall specialists have the necessary experience and provide excellent customer service for all your repair jobs: from patching cracks and small holes to new installations. We have the experience, the professionalism and highly qualified teams ready to complete your project.

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