Electric: Pot Lights, Wiring, Outlets, Heated Floors

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Our company has the electrical specialists you need to handle all your electric work - safely and reliably.



It’s very important that pot lights are installed in a manner that’s both safe against overheating and fire risks, and pleasing to the eye. We have certified electricians on staff who are highly experienced and knowledgeable on all electrical matters. They know how to install recessed lights efficiently and (more importantly) carefully. Our experts will install your pot lights in stunning arrangements, whether it be creative curves or straight lines. Your recessed lights can be equally spaced whilst avoiding important aspects of the roof structure above the ceiling. We know that the most important thing in life is the safety and comfort of your home and family. Why not contact us today and allow us to add that something special to your property?


Our highly experienced, professional, licensed electricians have expertise in all aspects of installations and electrical wiring, whether it be a bathroom or kitchen renovation, a basement finishing project, a room addition, a complete interior and exterior lighting solution, or simply a one light fixture – you can rely on us to complete your work to the highest standard of workmanship. We guarantee that all your home electrical renovation projects are completed to code, and that they’re safe and secure.

Some of the electrical projects we carry out include rewiring rooms, wiring upgrades, wiring an entire home, custom home wiring, wiring for communications and entertainment systems, lighting control, hot tub and spa wiring, room by room electrical solutions, and basement developments.


Electrical outlets are a means of conveniently plugging in the appliances you need in your kitchen, bathroom, garage or basement: these outlets are the connection between your electrical devices and the electrical system of your home. You need sufficient outlets for easy access to electric power when needed. We can safely install your electrical outlets for you, regardless of the number or kind of outlets you need.

Heated Floors

Yes, we even do heated floor installations! Heated floors can be installed anywhere in your home and work well with almost any type of flooring, including marble, ceramic, stone, granite, hardwood, and even carpet. Of course the master bathroom is one of the most popular places to install a heated floor. An ordinary bathroom with a heated floor changes into a relaxing, spa -like retreat – the perfect escape after a long hard day.

We’re proud to offer our customers complete installation services: all our work is guaranteed and our customer service is second to none.

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