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Rooms and Walls

We offer expert framing in Toronto GTA, with the highest possible standard for quality and design. A clever way of increasing the square footage in your home without having to purchase a new home is a room addition. We’re experts at adding a new bedroom, extending a living room, designing a home office, or basically creating any other necessary living area. Let’s face it; a room addition is a win-win solution for all the space problems you may be experiencing in your home, and we’ll do our very best to ensure that your home is comfortable and well organised. We can help from the very start of the project - from architectural and design services, demolition and building - all the way through to the completion of your home remodelling project. Why not let us take care of everything for you!

Basement Framing

Basement framing is the process of turning your musty, dark storage room into a beautiful area that the entire family can enjoy. This will be a very worthwhile investment in your home, because basement framing will increase your living space while you reside there, plus it will add resale value to your home. There’s no issue we can’t resolve with regards to the wall framing process of your basement, and this might include –

Levelling: We know that not all basement floors and walls are completely level. All the walls will need to be measured from ceiling to floor, with a plumb-line to ensure they’re vertical before we commence;

Materials: Pressure treated lumber will be used for the bottom plates, because we know that dampness can be an issue with basement framing and, over time, can cause the wood to weaken;

Moisture Problems: Unfortunately, many basements are plagued by an excess of condensation, or leaks during thunderstorms. Left untreated, this can cause mold to grow in the walls, and must be addressed prior to the commencement of the project;

Obstructions: Generally, most basements hold furnaces, ductwork, hot water heaters, and other types of equipment for the house. We’ll ask that you make note of where these things are located enabling us to devise ways of working around them.
If you have ideas for renovating your basement in order to expand your living space, please contact us, because we have the ideas and designs to make your dreams come true.

Shower Framing

Correctly framing shower walls is the first step to creating a high -quality custom ceramic tile shower. Shower framing is very classy and it’s a great addition to any bathroom. Simple, yet classic, these framed showers are custom manufactured and fitted specifically for your shower, with your choice of framework colour and glass. Contact us today and allow our knowledgeable and highly experienced experts to help you determine the perfect solution for designing and building your bathroom.

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