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We have no qualms whatsoever in guaranteeing that you’ll be entirely satisfied with our fast, expert, and professional approach to painting. Our teams are highly experienced, with many years of painting experience in the Toronto area. With so much experience under our belt, we’ve learned over the years how to work efficiently and get you back into your home with little or no disruption. We only use eco-friendly paint with little or no fumes or odours.


Residential painting

Why not let us take care of your house painting in Toronto? Whether you’re moving into a new home, finishing up on a renovation, or staging to sell your property, we can take care of all your painting requirements. Our professional crew will start by doing a walk-through of the property to assess the project, prior to preparing your home for painting. We protect your furniture, we cover your floors, and we fill any cracks or holes in the walls if required – this also includes drywall repair. In addition, we’re happy to help with window caulking and wallpaper removal.
Your vision becomes our vision, and we’re certainly able to help you select a colour scheme that you’ll be proud to show off to your family and friends. Regardless of whether it’s adding your own sense of colour and style to your living space or freshening areas by matching or updating the existing colour scheme, we have many resources available to help make choosing paint colours a breeze. We will ask that you remove any fragile or valuable items from or close to the area being painted, plus any shelves or pictures on the walls, prior to us getting there. We also ask that you plan for your pets to be taken care of during the painting process.

Office Painting

We’re the experts when it comes to both re-painting and paint-maintenance of large buildings such as office spaces, hospitals and educational facilities - this includes individual offices, hallways, classrooms, common lunch areas, restrooms; basically any areas at all that require periodic painting. If required, we’ll fill holes or cracks and cover the floors. There won’t be any mess because everything will be cleaned before we leave. Our painting service is an eco-friendly painting service, using both low and zero VOC paint in order to minimise the impact on both your commercial property and the environment. There will be no harsh fumes or odours experienced by you or your employees.
Our painting crews are highly trained in the latest technology, and are experienced in working efficiently with only the highest quality materials to produce attractive and long-lasting results. No job is too big or too small for us! Our painting crews are the obvious choice for all your painting requirements, regardless of the size of the job.

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