Stucco: Removal, Repairs, Patching and Painting

ExpressHomeRenovation-Stucco-removing-paintingStucco: Removal, Repairs, Patching and Painting

Interior stucco is created using a thick plaster or a faux material like joint compound. We can renew your home’s elegant, modern look by offering our stucco ceiling repair and removal services. This process will upgrade the look of any room in your home: it will also prevent further damage from cracks, and your ceiling will be left with a smooth clean finish.

Express Home Renovation offers removal, repairs, patching, and stucco painting services; all at affordable prices to our valued commercial and residential customers.

Stucco is a plaster material, usually made from a combination of sand, limestone, Portland cement and water – and it’s incredibly durable! With our professional painting services, your stucco could last up to 25 years without showing any signs of cracking, discoloration or deterioration.

Our Stucco Coating Service

 Stucco is easy to install and it looks really great! Plus, it has unlimited colors and textures. With our stucco experts you’ll receive the highest quality workmanship, leaving your stucco exterior fresh and new.

Prior to commencing any exterior painting project, Express Home Renovation of Toronto will examine the stucco to determine if there’s any existing damage that needs to be repaired. If, for example, there’s a leaking gutter, we’ll determine the source of the problem before we commence any stucco repair. Then, as part of our painting service, we’ll repair the existing stucco, ensuring a safe surface for the paint to adhere to. Once all repairs have been completed, a painting contractor will use a pressure washer to gently clean the surface and remove any dust, dirt or debris. In addition, we’ll ensure that all hairline cracks have been treated. Next, we’ll let the stucco dry out completely before adding a masonry primer and other additional coats of paint.

Our typical stucco process consists of the following –

  • Walls and floors will be covered with plastic;
  • Spraying with a special machine;
  • The removal of unnecessary and old material;
  • Corners will be taped using special meshes and paper;
  • Finishing compound;
  • Sanding;
  • The application of ceiling paint – we have 30 shades of white from which to choose;
  • The removal of all plastic; and
  • The big clean-up! Vacuuming, cleaning, with all garbage removed.


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